Contract Disputes

Experienced Contract Dispute Attorney in Bothell and Redmond, WA

"Hey, that guy owes me money," is the initial thought that many of Rod's clients have when an agreement goes south. In legal terms, one party breached a duty under a written or oral agreement and his client is entitled to damages. This is known as a contract dispute, and finds its way into his office when the parties no longer intend to do business with each other.

Contracts take many forms, and they do not always have to be in writing. Sometimes they are badly written and can be interpreted in more than one way. That leads to tangled disputes that require thoroughness, tenacity and diplomacy to resolve. Rod Harmon, Attorney at Law of Bothell and Redmond, WA represents clients whose contract disputes relate to:

- The sale of goods

- The purchase of a business

- The repayment of a loan (promissory note)

- The purchase of land